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Include the invoice and memo fields on "terminal" quick pay transactions.

Currently if the Card designation is "Terminal" in Quickpay the only "Advanced" field available is "Customer Name" and the other Advanced Fields (Memo, Invoice etc.) are not available. It would make sense that these fields (at least the Memo and Invoice fields) are also available so the merchant can utilize these for Semi Integrated solutions. This way if they need to record a invoice number and/or memo they can do this and easily reference this data on the payments grid like they normally do with other quickpay transactions.

  • Michael Hodges
  • Sep 13 2021
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    18 Jan 02:54am

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    13 Jan 04:53am

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    5 Jan 09:46am

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    28 Dec, 2021 07:38am

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  • Jacynthe Hilpert commented
    22 Dec, 2021 09:40am

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