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Create new user role

Need a user role that allows business owners/managers to be able to set up an employee to process but not see all transactions processed. Potentially just be able to see the transactions that particular user processed. Really needed on all MX products.

  • Holly Gilbert
  • Dec 21 2016
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  • Jennifer Autian commented
    June 25, 2019 18:44

    I have heard this request many times.  As the owner, you would like to hire a 3rd party or lower level employee to do some data entry/run quick pay or invoices - BUT you do not want them to be able to see all transactions/money coming into the business.  They need to be limited to create new and only see those transactions they created.  So, user role/login should be able to control a user to have ability to run quick pay/invoices and only see those payments/invoices created by user/login.