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This idea has been merged into another idea. To comment or vote on this idea, please visit MXM-I-152 Ability to add % sales tax to QuickPay .

Tax calculation is confusing since it sends 7% as default unless otherwise specified. Merged

Both merchants we have deployed with MX Retail are Oregon business that doesn't have an applicable sales tax rate. Despite this lack of sales tax, and no tax being representing anywhere in the account or product settings, a tax is being calculated and represented on the customer receipt (screenshots attached below.) The payment total remains accurate, and the calculated tax amount is NOT actually charged, but because a tax is represented to customers in a state that doesn't have sales tax many customers have been confused or concerned, and this issue has required explanation by our merchant's staff regularly. After discussing this issue with MX support, it appears this tax rate is being auto-filled by the B2B app, even though there is not actually an applicable tax on the products being sold. I was advised by MX support that the merchant's options are to continue explaining the issue to any customer who asks about it (and many do,) or disable the B2B app which will potentially impact their pricing. This is a choice between 2 undesirable options. Interestingly, by not requiring a signature on either the printed receipt or on the tablet screen, the tax rate is no longer displayed. That tax rate is only displayed when a signature is required.

  • Allie Klarman
  • Apr 25 2017
  • Planned
  • Adam Parish commented
    25 Apr, 2017 04:40pm

    Wanted to add a bit of clarification to your email response Allie. Tax is disabled for this merchant, no tax rates have been applied to Products, and no tax rate is appearing on screen (this is as desired, as we don't have a sales tax in Oregon). However, because this merchant has the B2B app enabled, the tax rate is calculating automatically (at a rate of 6.54%) and that calculated tax amount appears on the printed receipt above the customers signature line. The customer IS NOT being charged this tax amount, but is confused when they see a tax represented even though it is not being charged. Due to unrelated issues this merchant has selected to "Never" require a signature, and after applying that setting the tax rate no longer appears on the receipt. The tax rate is only represented on the receipt when a customer is asked to sign for the transaction. Will request photos from our merchant and attach when available.