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Consolidated Reporting

As a Dharma Merchant customer we utilize both MXMerchant and Clover. It would be nice to have a report someplace that combines batch data from each for a particular batch day.

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  • Aug 17 2017
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  • Nick Bencivenga commented
    24 Aug, 2017 04:08pm


    This is Nick at Dharma. I just wanted to thank you for your contribution! I think there may be a solution for your query.

    From the dashboard screen that you see when you login, you can edit what "time period" you're viewing. There's a drop-down menu between the two main graphs, and you can select "week" or "month". When you do so, the graph at the bottom of the page will automatically update, and will show your daily batch summaries. Simply hover over the bar-graph for any given day, and you'll see detailed totals. These totals will include ALL processing that came through your Dharma/Priority account for any given day!

    Thanks for involving yourself in the MX community, Vahn - it helps the product get better for everyone. We appreciate it :)