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When a customer has a single saved payment account, default to it without forcing the user to select it

Currently, if you have a saved customer profile with a SINGLE credit card saved, there is an extra click or two that is unintuitive when running QuickPay. When charging a saved card, you have to perform multiple steps:

1. Open quick pay

2. Click "Advanced"

3. Type your customer's name

4. Select your customer

5. Scroll back up and click into the "Enter card number" field

6. THEN you have to select the card on file... EVEN IF IT'S THE ONLY ONE ON FILE


This is already a pretty convoluted process, and it isn't very intuitive. An easy fix to reduce a step or two would be to ALWAYS DEFAULT TO THE ONLY CARD ON FILE when there's only a single payment option. Why force the user to click BACK into the "enter card number" field AND then click the subsequent card-dropdown? Realistically, as soon as they select ANY customer that only has a single account on file, it should default to that. MUCH more intuitive! Plus, not many customers have multiple payment forms on file. 

  • Nick Bencivenga
  • Feb 23 2018
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