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Make the customer primary billing address the "addresses" tab the primary billing address in the "vault" tab

Previously, if you added a primary billing address to a contact, that would be the primary billing address associated with their on file card.  When you selected that card for a transaction, the AVS info would populate.

Now it does not.  In order for the AVS info to populate, you have to not only input the primary billing address in the customer record, but then, have to go to the vault, select that card, and check "use primary address" to make that the billing address on that card.  You can then run that card and it pulls in the AVS info.

Its a great feature that you can associate different billing address with different cards on file for the same customer.   But the default address should be the default address unless otherwise selected. This is going to require a LOT of work for clients to go back and check that box for all their clients

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  • Mar 20 2018
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    May 17, 2019 15:38

    This does not already exist.  In fact I just walked a customer through manually doing this yesterday.  

    You have to first vault the card

    you then have to add a billing address to the customer profile

    You then have to go back and associate the billing address as being the primary address on the card.

    THEN the address is tied to the card.  Unless a merchant follows all three steps each time ,the card will downgrade as not having a CVV check on card on file or recurring.  I see this all the time on client accounts.

    Ideally if you put in AVS info in QuickPay and a customer name, it should vault the card with that AVS info automatically saved as the primary billing address on file.