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Forced Email / Phone Fields on Billing Information

The Billing Information for the customer currently has the fields for Email and Phone.  There is even an option that is pre-selected for the customer to receive an email copy of their receipt; however, the field for collecting the email is not "required".  In our experience, our customers then call us and we have to take extra steps to provide this when if they would have just been required to provide this information, it would have reminded them to provide the information and done so automatically. 

Same goes for the Phone Number - If we have any questions about their purchase or transaction, it would be nice to have one or both of these options required (phone and email) so that we have a means to contact them about their purchase.  Right now, neither of these fields are required, so we are often left without a viable means for reaching them other than postal mail.  

It seems like something obvious for us, but it would be super helpful to have these two fields marked as "REQUIRED" so we as merchants have the necessary information to reach our customers and follow-up with receipt of their order.  

Thank you for your consideration.


Julia Eudy - Technical Developer for
Boys & Girls Club of St. Charles County.

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  • Apr 13 2018
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