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Include Invoice Number response back in web hook.

Currently the web hook response does not include any information that relates to the customer order.  They have to make an additional call and get the data to process. 

Sample of response:

{ "eventType": "PaymentSuccess", "merchantId": "418273376", "xmid": "554402000152702", "dba": "Companion Baking Co.", "id": "50527911", "transactionDate": "Jun 5 2018 2:38PM", "localDate": "Jun 5 2018 9:38AM", "transactionTypeName": "Sale", "paymentType": "Card", "card": "MasterCard", "referenceNumber": "815614020150", "authorizationCode": "90508Z", "responseCode": "0", "pan4": "9226", "totalAmount": "9.19", "responseMessage": "Approved or completed successfully. ", "customer": null, "customerNumber": null, "source": "API" }



- add invoice number to the response. We also need to have the invoice number more than 8 characters. This will help them to reference the payment to an invoice.

- we could use custom fields and return back in the response.

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  • Jun 6 2018
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