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EDIT an already existing recurring customer

I am in the storage unit rental business.  Some customers add additional units for a month or so, then move out and it changes the amount they will pay per month.  Also, when I raise prices, I need to be able to edit existing customers instead of adding new contracts.  I also have a few customers who need me to charge them in the middle of the month as that is when they receive their SS money.  Some have been long time renters who are adjusting to a new fixed income. I need to be able to edit my existing recurring customers.  I started with you because I like that my sales rep is responsive and local when I need help.  I was able to edit customers in my last 2 credit card processing companies.  I am trying to patiently wait for you all to make this function a priority for your customers.  Please allow us to edit our recurring customers, thanks :) 

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  • Aug 30 2018
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  • Guest commented
    19 Sep, 2018 09:01pm

    Jessica, when I go into the recurring tab, under the schedule area, there
    is a start date that I can not edit, and there is a frequency that I can
    not edit. When I hover over the cell to change it, there is a red circle
    with a crossbar as if to say do not enter. That is the area I am talking
    about editing.

  • Jessica Boynton commented
    18 Sep, 2018 02:27pm

    We appreciate you taking the time to clarify. As far as being able to edit the customer contract, you can! If you are wanting to add another unit to the contract simply click to the right of the 'price' field and a new line will appear for you to input another unit.

    You can also determine what date you would like that recurring payment to be collected. Within the contract there is a 'schedule' section where you can determine the frequency that the recurring plan should bill the customer. At this time however, we do not have a way to have multiple schedules tied to one contract. 

    - MX Merchant Team 

  • Guest commented
    18 Sep, 2018 01:24am

    As I said in the idea I submitted, I would like to edit the customer
    contract. Some customers add or move out of multiple units, and I would
    like to edit that activity. Also, some need to pay at a later time of the
    month, and I would like to edit that as well in an already existing
    recurring customer contract. This has been something I have asked for since
    we started with MX. I was told that this was a function being worked on.

    Edit in Recurring
    1) Edit amount
    2) Edit Date charged

  • Jessica Boynton commented
    17 Sep, 2018 02:36pm

    Thank you, for the idea! Can I ask you a few questions to make sure that I am understanding what you'd like to edit?  

    Are you wanting to edit the customer contract that you input for the recurring payments? Or are you wanting to edit the customer that you have created? 

    Look forward to hearing from you! 

    ~ MX Merchant Team