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Add Invoice number to all receipts

Need to identify payments with invoice number...right now we have to research every payment that comes through from our customer service team.

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  • Nov 7 2018
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  • Guest commented
    17 May, 2019 10:38am

    Yes, we would like to have an invoice number field within QuickPay.  The auto generated invoice number confuses our customers.

  • Nick Bencivenga commented
    29 Nov, 2018 04:24pm

    Nailed it! Problem is that when the customer gets the email invoice, there's very little identifying information. the INTERNAL invoice number shows in the subject line, which is confusing for many customers. Then, when they DON'T see the "customer generated" invoice number on the receipt, they get further confused! As a side note - invoice receipts also don't currently populate the logo of the company, either.

  • Jessica Boynton commented
    29 Nov, 2018 04:12pm

    Okay, thank you for explaining that to me. 

    In the advanced section of Quick Pay there is an area for an invoice number to be entered. That invoice number can be customer-generated. However, what I'm understanding you to say is that it would be great if that entered information could be displayed on the receipt. 

    As far as the customer-generated invoice number we will look into that enhancement. 

    Thank you! 

    MX Merchant Team!

  • Nick Bencivenga commented
    29 Nov, 2018 03:06pm

    Agreed!!! It would be ideal to have a CUSTOMER-GENERATED invoice number, that could be matched up with external systems. And, that number should be obvious/identifiable on emailed receipts/invoices that customers see.

  • Guest commented
    29 Nov, 2018 01:58pm

    Well... there's two things really.  In Quick Pay it would be nice to have the invoice number show on the receipt.  On the invoices, it would be better if the invoice number was NOT auto generated.  It gets confusing for the customer when using the invoice option.

  • Jessica Boynton commented
    29 Nov, 2018 12:52pm

    Thank you for your idea! 

    To clarify a little further, are you wanting the Quick Pay receipts to have a number? Currently, Invoices have an invoice number as well as Orders.  

    Thank you!

    MX Merchant Team!