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Add columns to Supplier page under product tab and on +Add product pop up

When adding a product to the supplier using the green +Add Product button on the supplier screen under the product tab. The following columns should be seen on the results section:

  • Product Name
  • Description
  • SKU

When using the search field on the pop up the user should be able to search by product name as well as the SKU.

We are not going to add the variant on this one since the product as a whole should be added to the Supplier however when viewing the list of products associated to the supplier the user should see the products and variants listed out so it is easy to identify which variants are running low and need to be reordered while the merchant is on the phone with the Supplier.

Enhance Supplier page under product tab to show Product name, Variant name, and SKU column.

The columns on the supplier page under product page should be as follows:

  • ID
  • Product Name
  • Variant Name
  • Description
  • SKU
  • Available
  • Last Modified
  • Allie Klarman
  • Dec 15 2016
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