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Payment Link - Add Quantity field and adjust amount automatically

in the Link 2 pay option it would crush worlds if you could make the amount field be adjusted by a number field with whatever number is entered. If a customer was selling tickets if they could put in the hard coded amount then change a quantity and the amount changes to reflect how many tickets the customer wants. that would be epic

  • Brandon Kucia
  • Jul 24 2017
  • Planned
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  • Jone Martin commented
    6 Dec, 2022 12:52pm

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  • Ben Rousseau commented
    1 Nov, 2019 06:48pm

    If quantity becomes an available field, please keep this an optional setting. We sell large remodeling projects, and do not want this to state (1) Kitchen Remodel. This makes it look like we're selling products, and doesn't fit our business model. - Thanks

  • Ben Rousseau commented
    7 Jun, 2019 10:22pm

    I have one more issue with Link 2 Pay that would be great to have fixed within the upcoming overhaul. - Allow the links to include a customer # even if that number isn't in the MX Merchant database yet. When the customer completes the transaction, their customer record would be created, including the customer number that was in the link URL. The customer currently receives an "Internal server error." in this scenario. 

  • Deleted User commented
    23 May, 2019 12:57pm

    Ben, this is planned for our payment link overhaul coming out later this summer.

  • Ben Rousseau commented
    22 May, 2019 06:37pm

    Making this page responsive for mobile would be a huge improvement. 

  • Nick Bencivenga commented
    24 Aug, 2017 04:14pm

    There's a few minor fixes they could add to Link2Pay to really make it fantastic:

    1. Make it easy to edit variables instead of having to append to the URL. That's totally counter-intuitive for most merchants! Just give us a quick edit field option for price, etc
    2. Allow formatting of the page to be slightly updated with a more graphically appealing interface. Let us select organization colors, or pull them from the logo. 

    3. Make the payment page responsive


    A little bit of lipstick on the Link2Pay product would make it a real beauty.