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Need to print detailed settlement reports directly from the site

On MX4 the merchant can press a print button when viewing a detailed settlement report. Please add that function. Have had several merchants request. 

  • Holly Gilbert
  • Nov 8 2016
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  • Neil Zane commented
    January 04, 2017 16:17

    Your site is simplistic and just about useless,  I cannot believe that I cannot print a report in a PDF format.

  • Admin
    Allie Klarman commented
    January 04, 2017 16:30

    I'm sorry to hear that Neil, however, I am happy to say that this is something that we are diligently working on in order to enhance the functionality within MX Merchant. Thank you for your feedback and vote, please feel free to use the votes to show us other ideas that you would like to see.

  • Janet Heim commented
    January 17, 2017 17:18

    I agree with Neil, your website is completely useless for printing reports.  I was just told to "copy and paste" all 8 pages of charges to "get your own report" because "we are not capable of that".  Seriously?  That's what we pay tens of thousands of dollars a year for?  Time to start searching for a processor that is more "capable".