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Deposit Report (Reconciliation)

Deposit report will be renamed to "Reconciliation" report. The reason for the name change is due to the increase in information that is now in this report. Previously the report only showed deposits and withdrawals. Based on a lot of the feedback we've received in Aha it seemed like a lot of the reports required pulling multiple reports and comparing them. With these new changes, we're trying to put more data in one place so less time pulling reports and more time digesting it. 

What's changing: 

This report will contain everything that the current batch report has, however, we are going to add the types that MXC offers in addition to the deposits.

(please note there are mockups for how this report should look attached to this ticket).

To the far right of the header will have the item count and total. The total should be the sum of the amount column. Less any reserves and plus and releases.

In the middle of the report will show the date range that is currently being used and filtered on. The default is set to "Last 30 days" unless the user has set their own default. And if they change the date range while viewing the report this header should reflect the date range selected.

The column headers and data format in this report will be as follows:

  • Date (Nov 1, 2018)
  • Type (Deposit, Chargeback, Backup Withholding, Adjustments, Fees, Reserves)
  • Routing (last 4)
  • Account (last 4)
  • Amount ($xx.xx) right justified. negative if taken from the merchants' account, positive if added

Where this information can be found in MXC:

  • Adjustments - Pull from the ACH funding report looking at the type for Adjustments.
  • Backup Withholding- Pull from the ACH funding report looking at the type for Backup Withholding.
  • Chargeback - Pull from the ACH funding report looking at the type for Chargebacks.
  • Deposit - Pull from the ACH funding report looking at the type for Deposits.
  • Fees - interchange and discounts combined from the ACH funding report in MXC
  • Reserves - Pull from the ACH funding report looking at the type for Reserves in MXC

There won't be a search option so keep it disabled just as it is in the deposit report today.

The filter options are as follows:


  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • This week
  • This month
  • Last 7 days
  • Last 30 days (default)
  • Custom


  • Any (default)
  • Adjustments
  • Backup Withholding
  • Chargeback
  • Deposit
  • Fees
  • Reserves


  • Any (default)
  • $0 - $50
  • $51 - $100
  • $101 - $250
  • $250+
  • Custom

We currently have an export option on the batch report as it stands today. This will need to be updated so that the export matches the changes that have been made to the deposit report including the name change from deposit to reconciliation.

Technical Details

We are going to use the existing MXV report API for the time being, until we can get a new MXM report API setup that will use the Connect DB to pull data from.

  • ACH Description Code == Type (MXC)
  • Update the MXM filter to include Amount and Type (See Gibbs for details about the filter setup)

Once the UI is complete, we can flush out the new API details and start building that.

  • Allie Klarman
  • Apr 16 2018
  • Shipped
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  • Neil Zane commented
    July 23, 2018 13:51

    Where is the print option.  When I right click i don't get the entire report to print just the one on screen