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Ability to save zero dollar invoices

We need to be able to track zero dollar invoices in MX, but currently the ability to do that doesn't exist, so we have to track those zero dollar transactions in another system. Being able to save a zero dollar invoice would be awesome.

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  • Aug 16 2018
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  • Brandon Rees Rees commented
    8 Dec, 2022 10:38am

    Ability to save zero dollar invoices is a great asset for any business. By reducing the cost of processing invoices, a business can save money in the short and long term.

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  • cosima mary commented
    21 Jan, 2022 10:17am

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  • Guest commented
    14 Dec, 2018 02:44pm

    This is helpful if you’re trying to track a problem or helping a customer . Also very important for tracking theft from employee zero invoices without explanation or authorization can be very reveling.

  • Jessica Boynton commented
    5 Dec, 2018 07:21pm

    Good Afternoon!

    Thank you for your submission. Can you help me better understand what you are hoping to accomplish by being able to save a zero dollar invoice? 

    Thank you! 

    MX Merchant Team