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Card on file (vault) for swiped transactions

MX will put a card in the vault if its keyed, but not if its swiped.  This means its a great way to get the card on file for future payments IF the cardholder call you with the card.  If they swipe, you're out of luck.  This results in a "maybe we have the card on file and maybe we dont" for the merchant.   It would be great to add consistency (and ideally the ability to select or deselect whether to store the card)

I have a number of clients looking for this feature.  This is particularly good for medical offices (I have a number using MX) to collect balances due, or for any transaction where there is a deposit and either a balance due, or an initial swiped sale that needs to then be converted to recurring (daycare, storage facility, etc etc)

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  • Jan 4 2017