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User Editable MX B2B Level III Fields

Level III Purchase and Government purchasing cards offer the benefit to the Cardholder of providing the itemized line item data on their statement and on their online portals. This replaces the many paper Invoices they would have to sift through to keep track of the various line items on the invoices (Duty, freight amount, PO number etc) 

The B2B product currently auto fills this data, which is helpful to the merchant in that they qualify for Level III, but doesn't benefit the Cardholder as the data does not match their paper invoice. 

Would it be possible to offer the option to have these fields visible so the user could enter the data if they wished? They auto fill should also remain as an option as this certainly simplifies the process for merchants.

  • Michael Jones
  • Dec 20 2017
  • Won't Do
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