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2nd request. On the "batches", right under dashboard, instead of invoices, put customer number, or at least the option to change it

Would be a tremendous time saver for us.  Right now, we have to export to excel and then reformat the excel report each time.

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  • Aug 21 2018
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    Jessica Boynton commented
    November 29, 2018 23:35

    Thank you for your idea! 

    Can you help me understand what you are looking for? Are you wanting for an invoice number to be included with in the batches? If that is what you are asking for, you can already see the invoice number.  When you open up the batch if there is an invoice number it is displayed before the customer name to the far right. 

    If you are wanting something different can you provide more detail? 

    Thank you! 

    MX Merchant Team

  • Guest commented
    November 30, 2018 22:23

    I can see the invoice number.  For our purposes, we don't need that.  Was thinking instead of invoice number, put the customer number, which would be a big time saver for us.

  • Guest commented
    March 07, 2019 18:59

    Has there been any progress on this? As I said earlier, this would be a big time saver for us.

  • Guest commented
    August 02, 2019 21:05

    Hope I answered your question. On the batch detail report, there is a column for "invoice", which we don't use. Would like to be able to put "customer number" in that column instead, or at least the option to change to that.