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Add a line item description to invoices, orders, recurring contracts, recurring templates, and display on the modern receipt

In MX4 there were 3 separate fields ITEM, DESCRIPTION, PRICE but now in the migration, the Description is lost and does not print.  This proposes a big problem to companies that rely on this program to ship products.  Item numbers don't mean anything to the customer so the description is what they look at. 

  • Allie Klarman
  • Jul 20 2017
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  • I Bohen commented
    5 Aug, 2017 11:47am

    Yes! I have the same issue.  I utilized the description on every invoice/order.  When I asked about it, I was told to use the Memo Box - but the Memo Box doesn't recognize new lines and all of my descriptions end up all bunched together and hard to read; the customer has no idea which description goes with which item/product.   Please bring back the description line! 

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