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I NEED a way to let the customer set up their own recurring billing/ customers email and phone number added to receipts

I am a rep and I work for a 501c3 and am trying to use MX for our needs. We NEED a way for our donors to be able to easily make recurring donations without us having to go back in and turn this function on. Literally almost every charity website has this function available to the donor to set up on their own.

Also as a charity, I NEED the donors email address and the phone number on the emailed receipt I get. I can't always log in to the website to pull that information in a timely fashion. Sometimes I need it immediately because of promotions/drawings we do that are live.

We currently work with another gateway and these are standard things we can do with it. Like I said, I want to move everything to MX but can't without these features.

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  • Sep 25 2017
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