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URL Link when setting up invoice

Currently, the only way to get a payment link for the client is to send the invoice 2 times or more and hope that you get a copy of the invoice via email so that you can then copy it and send it to the client. Clients don't always get the original invoice or the new one when updated in MxMerchant. Many time the client does not get the invoice when it is saved, although the system says "sent to"

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  • Dec 19 2017
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  • Jennifer Autian commented
    February 14, 2018 20:26

    Making the URL link available would be great if you want to send the invoice link in a more personal email instead of the 'spam captured' mxsend.  Also, sometimes they do not receive it and would be easier to resend.  Adding on to this request is the ability to send to more than one email address the first time.  Currently if need to send to more than one person, must go to Payments, and click resend and add new email address.  If concern is that more than one person pays it, payment link should show paid to second person clicking (or have option next to email address 'checkbox' as to who is the person that will click to pay thus the others are record keeping/fyi type sends.)